Shake the 'Shizz' off
Destress - Reset - Restore 


Are you stressed out? Burnt out? Exhausted?


Maybe you are having trouble sleeping or calming your mind down…


…feeling regularly triggered, or on edge…


 or having palpitations, hot flushes, headaches…


Is the constant underlying anxiety of this mad global pandemic situation beginning to get to you?




Do you want to:

Relax your body?


Clear your mind?


Increase your presence and focus?


Improve your sleep?


Or reduce the underlying anxiety that has become omnipresent during this pandemic?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then this programme has been designed ESPECIALLY for you.


I have developed a unique blend of methods to induce calm, soothe stress, and abate anxiety.


I am SO excited to share this magic this with you in my latest course:


Destress and Reset


Over a course of six weeks, we will practise a range of stress- and anxiety-relieving techniques to support you to downregulate, destress, recalibrate and reset your nervous system, and generally

Shake The Shizz Off!


 Take a moment now to tune into your body.

Where do you feel tension? Perhaps in your jaw, or between your eyebrows? Maybe your legs are double-crossed, or your shoulders are hunched. Take a breath. Release. Are you feeling tension?

If you are, come and flow with me.




Let's find some light in the darkness. Together, we will move, we will relax, we will restore, we will reset. We will practise a combination of gentle movement, guided meditation, breathwork and sound-work, engaging all of the senses in deep release and relaxation.


After six-weeks we will have you feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Let me support you to destress, reset and restore.

'Let's bring you back down

Let's bring you back to safety, security and comfort;

Within yourself

In your mind, in your body


Let's bring you back down

Let's find peace, stability

Let's find sanctity

Within your mind

Within your body, within your being

Let's bring you back into alignment


With yourself'