Yoga For Hypermobility: A 6 Week Foundational Course

Do You...

  • Have Hyper Mobility Syndrome or Elhers Danlos Syndrome?

  • Suffer from regular aches and pains in your joints?

  • Experience joint dislocation?

Do You Want To Learn How To...

  • Strengthen and protect your joints to prevent injury (in all sports!)?

  • Modify common yoga postures to prevent pain or repetitive strain injury?

  • Understand your body's 'safe' zone and how to practise safely and comfortably for YOUR body?

  • Improve comfort in other daily activities such as sitting and standing?

If you answered yes to any of these then this course is for you.

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The aim of this course is threefold:


  1. To support hyper mobile individuals to protect and strengthen their joints, both in yoga and in everyday life

  2. To provide hyper mobile yoga practitioners with a deep understanding and awareness of their body's needs and appropriate modifications,

  3. To enable hyper mobile yoga practitioners to attend any yoga class as an empowered student who can self-adjust and modify asanas to practise safely and suit their own body's needs, without relying on the knowledge of the teacher.

Since completing my 200 hr YTTC I have wanted to specialise in teaching classes specifically for hyper mobile individuals, however I didn’t know where to begin. When the concept for this course came to me, it felt exactly right. A foundation. The beginning.

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I have always struggled to attend yoga classes run by other teachers as I never feel that my body is being properly looked after. I am hyper mobile, and find that conventional yoga, which tends to celebrate flexibility and focus on achieving the full expression of a pose, often pushes my body further than it is willing to go. Just because it can, does not mean it should. I find that I am relying on my body control knowledge from years of Pilates training as a teenager to prevent me from injuring myself in these classes. This muscle control helps me to maintain my alignment, protect my body and practise safely and comfortably. In class, I am silently screaming at the teacher that they should be directing me this way, or that, to keep me safe.


Many common yoga postures can be harmful to hyper mobile joints when practised repeatedly over time. Particularly if we are pushing too hard or too far into these postures and putting too much strain on our joints. As a hyper mobile student, it is imperative for us to find strength in the supporting muscles, rather than rely on our bodies to reign us in (because they won't!!!).


Hyper mobility is incredibly common, so I assumed that many other men and women in many other yoga classes must feel just the same as I was for all of those years. So I have developed this course to provide you with the tools to take on to other classes with other teachers, to know how best to correct yourself, modify postures to suit you, to strengthen your supporting muscles and to listen to your body.


Through combining what I have learnt informally in over a decade of Pilates classes, plus my Ashtanga Iyengar training, y experience in other yoga classes, and the work I have done with physiotherapists, personal trainers, and self-exploration, I have developed a 6-week foundational course. My course takes you, the hyper-mobile practitioner, through each area of the body, week by week, to understand how to modify postures, strengthen and protect joints, and listen to your body to stay within your safe zone.








The course has two levels, one for people with more severe Hyper Mobility or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), focussing on more gentle movements and strengthening exercises. The other for people with mild - moderate Hyper Mobility Syndrome or EDS. Click here to sign up to the course now


Each week, I will take you through:

  • A thorough warm up

  • How to modify common asanas

  • How to strengthen common sore spots to increase the muscle support in each area

  • How to listen to your body and know when you need to stop

  • How to use props to your advantage

  • Relaxation


At the end of each class will be 15 minutes of QA / sharing time for you to ask questions, share your experiences, connect with one another and make sure you have got everything you need from the session.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


Copy of Copy of FREE 30 Min taster class
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